Eligibility to advance to a subsequent course/term - applying for exemption

The eligibility requirements and regulations are to ensure that an applicant has the knowledge and other attributes needed to benefit from the educational programme. Students can apply for exemption from the eligibility requirements.

Higher Education Ordinance

If there are special grounds, the higher education institution may decide to allow an exemption from some eligibility requirement or requirements. A higher education institution is to allow an exemption from some eligibility requirement or requirements if the applicant has the potential to benefit from the education without meeting the eligibility requirements. stated in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7 Section 3.

If, on an overall individual assessment, you are deemed to have a genuine capacity to benefit from your education and to make up the educational components that are lacking, you may be granted exemption from the eligibility requirements.

Application for exemption from the eligibility requirements

An application for exemption is made by completing the relevant form ("Application for exemption from qualifying conditions for course-higher term within study programme"), available at the web page "Administrative forms" see below and should be done in due time before the start of the relevant course.
The decision is taken by the relevant Programme Committee. The eligibility regulations for each study programme are given in the programme syllabus and the eligibility requirements for each course is stated in the course syllabus. 

Administrative forms


Appeals exemption from the eligibility requirements

Rejected applications for exemption from the eligibility requirements for courses within programmes may be appealed in accordance with Chapter 12 Section 5 of the Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993:100). For further information, see "Appeals".