Apply for a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer)

If you are staying in Sweden for longer than one year you will have to register for residency in Sweden. Then you will automatically get a Swedish identity number (personnummer) that will make your everyday life in Sweden easier.

Studying in Sweden longer than one year

If you are admitted to a study programme that will last longer than 12 months, you are usually required to be listed in the Swedish Population Register at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). This means that you will be registered as a resident in Sweden and you will be able to get home insurance and get into the Swedish Health care system among many other things.

Once you are registered in Sweden, you will get a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) that is used as your identifier when you communicate with Swedish government authorities and companies.

To obtain a Swedish personal number you must visit your local Swedish state service centre in person and register as a resident in Sweden. An appointment must be booked in advance through their website. Make sure that you bring the right documentation to the meeting. The documentation you need will vary depending on your citizenship, but you can find all the information you need on the website when you book your appointment. It is always a good idea to bring your passport and remember to check that it’s valid throughout the duration of your stay in Sweden.

Please note that it can take a while to get your Swedish personal identity number, so make sure you book your appointment with The Swedish Tax Agency as soon as possible after you have registered as a student at KI.

Studying in Sweden for less than one year 

If you are admitted to a study programme that lasts less than one year, you cannot get a Swedish personal number. In some cases it is possible to apply for a coordination number at the Swedish Tax Agency if needed.