Accommodation for international bachelor's and master's students

Securing your housing should be at the top of your list of things to get started with. Depending on your citizenship, you may be eligible for KI Housing. Be sure to check what applies to you.

Applying for housing

As a non-EU citizen who is required to pay tuition fees, you are guaranteed accommodation through KI Housing during your first year, but you must apply within the deadline. KI Housing offers furnished apartments and rooms in several areas of Stockholm.

Apply on KI Housing’s website as soon as you receive your notification of selection results. You are guaranteed a single occupancy.

When you apply for KI Housing state the following as your contact at Karolinska Institutet:

Study advisor, Eva Feron

If you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen, you need to find housing on your own. It is important to start looking for somewhere to live as soon as you are admitted. 

Don’t limit your search to the city centre – Stockholm’s public transport is working really well. It is not unusual to commute for about one hour to go to work or school. Focus on finding a place for the start of the semester, you can always move closer to campus later.

Stockholm's housing market it quite competitative, so be prepared to put some time into searching for a place to stay. Finding housing on the private market may be tedious and time consuming, but almost everyone finds a place to stay after a while!

Tips on applying for housing on the private market

Register for the SSSB housing queue 

If you become a member of the student union you can register for the SSSB housing queue. SSSB provides affordable accommodation for students in different areas of Stockholm. 

You can register and start collecting credit days in the housing queue already before arriving to Stockholm and joining the union.

The average queue time is about one year for a corridor room. Sometimes it can go faster, so do not hesitate to start booking.