Degree certificate

The degree certificate is a document that shows that you have met the requirements for a particular degree.

The degree certificate shows which degree was issued, which courses are included, grades for the courses and the date they were completed, as well as the date the degree certificate was issued. All diplomas at KI are issued in Swedish and English.

Diploma supplement

All degree certificates issued by Karolinska Institutet are automatically accompanied by a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is in English and is issued free of charge for the student. The Diploma Supplement describes the degree awarded and its place in the Swedish educational system. The purpose of the document is to facilitate recognition and accreditation of Swedish degrees when seeking employment or applying for further studies abroad and in Sweden. The Diploma Supplement does not replace the degree certificate.

Digital degree certificate

From 1 April 2024 digital degrees will be issued at Karolinska Institutet. A digital degree certificate contains the same information as a degree on paper. Previously issued degrees on paper will not be reissued in digital form.

You will receive a notification by e-mail when your diploma has been issued and you will collect your diploma directly in Ladok.

You can collect the diploma as many times as you like. The document is a PDF and contains an e-stamp. The e-stamp proves that it is a genuine document and only works if the proof is opened and read digitally.

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