One university - two campuses

Education and research at Karolinska Institutet is mainly conducted on two campuses: KI Campus Solna and KI Campus Flemingsberg (formerly Campus Huddinge).

Illustration of a map of Stockholm where Solna Campus and Flemmingsbergs Campus is marked.

Studying at KI will help familiarise you with the greater Stockholm area. Solna and Huddinge are two of Stockholm's neighbouring counties, Solna to the northwest and Huddinge to the south. A 10-15 minute walk or train ride is all it takes get into the city from either campus.

Free bus between campuses

There are several ways to get around within the city and to neighbouring counties. KI runs its own shuttle bus between the Solna and Huddinge campuses that is free for students and employees and there are bus and metro lines between the campuses and hospitals. A bike can also be a good investment.

When you are looking for accommodation, it can be good to realise that you don't need to live in the city centre, but perhaps rather Solna or Huddinge. City life is still within reach, after all!