KI backpack for all new students

All students starting one of KI's bachelor’s or master’s programs and exchange students receive the popular KI backpack at the start of the semester. The backpack can only be picked up during the Welcome day at the beginning of the semester or during the extra pick-up occasion organized later in the semester.

Backpack pick-up.
Student collecting their KI-backpack. Photo: Liza Simonsson

Every semester, KI organizes a Welcome day for new students which includes a ceremony and study fair in Aula Medica on Campus Solna. During the study fair, all new students starting one of KI’s bachelor’s or master’s programmes, and exchange students can pick up a KI backpack. The Welcome day is arranged during the first week of the semester. More information about when the Welcome day is and how to collect your backpack is sent via email before the start of the semester. Remember that you can only collect the backpack on a limited number of occasions, such as the Welcome day and the one extra pick-up occasion.

How do I collect my KI backpack?

If you are a registered student in one of the bachelor’s or master’s programmes at KI, and you have registered for the Welcome day, you can pick up your backpack during the study fair. If you do not have the opportunity to participate in the Welcome day and thus collect your backpack at the study fair, an additional opportunity will be arranged later in the semester where you will have the opportunity to collect your backpack.

If you do not have the opportunity to collect your backpack yourself at the extra pick-up occasion, you can ask a classmate or friend to collect it for you. In such cases, the person who collects your backpack needs to bring a copy or photo of your ID card.


It is only on these two occasions (the Welcome day and the extra pick-up occasion) that you can collect your KI backpack for free. Otherwise, the backpack is available for purchase in Medicinska Bokhandeln.

We only hand out one backpack per student and only students in their first semester receive it. If against the odds, your backpack should break or similar, you need to buy a new one yourself at the Medicinska Bokhandeln.