Opening a bank account

Due to strict regulations and security aspects it can be tricky for international students to open a bank account in Sweden. Banks are required to carry out a stringent check of customer identity. On top of that, every bank have their own rules, so the information below should be seen as a guideline and not as a rule.

However, it is possible to open a bank account as long as you prepare well, but some banks have limitations if you are staying in Sweden for less than 12 months. Before going to a bank you should read the guidelines from the Swedish Banker's Association (pdf). 

For students studying in Sweden less than one year

It will be more difficult to open a bank account for students staying less than one year since you cannot get a Swedish personal identity number. If you do open an account, services might be limited (no internet bank for example).

For students studying in Sweden more than one year

If you are studying in Sweden longer than 12 months and you have a Swedish identity number, it will be easier to open a bank account. Please note that it can take a few weeks before you receive your Swedish identity number and you should have it before you open a bank account.

In order to open a bank account, prepare the following documentation

  • A valid passport
  • Your residence permit (if applicable)
  • Proof of your admission to KI, also showing the duration of your studies
  • Your Swedish home address
  • A birth certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency showing your Swedish personal identity number (if you have one)

Good to know

  • Swedish banks are open only on weekdays from 10am – 3pm, some days until 6pm.
  • Swedish banks charge a fee for their offers and services, so you need to do some research to see what the banks offer to match your needs.
  • Moving within Stockholm is not unusual for any student. Always keep your bank informed with your correct home address
  • If you move from Sweden, close your Swedish bank account before you leave. This is easiest done at the same office where you opened it. Some students forget to close their bank account but keep in mind that you will still pay for the bank’s services for as long as the account exists.