Students must register at the start of each course in order to keep the place in the course and in the programme.
If you are to retake an exam you need to re-register for the course as a general rule.

Admitted students who fail to register for studies at KI within the prescribed time forfeit their place on the course/study programme. It is the responsibility of each department/programme to inform students how and when this is to take place.

As a student, you have access to a special student interface in Ladok where you can get an overview of your studies and do certain tasks on your own. For example, you can register for the courses you are taking, print out study certificates and registration certificates and apply for degree certificates.

Register for courses

Prior to each new course, you yourself should register in Ladok for the course you will be taking.

Unless otherwise stated in the course information for that specific course, the registration is open from one week before the course starts to two days after it has started.

Three-week check-up

When three weeks have elapsed after each course start, the department responsible for the course must carry out an attendance check on the course, a so-called three-week control. In the absence of attendance and no response at the attendance check, it is considered that you have interrupted the course.

A break will be registered on the course and you are recommended to contact the study guide.


If you will re-take a missed exam or mandatory part of a course you should re-register for the course. This is important as it shows you are an "active student" and can have implications for your student loan or insurance for example. The re-registration should be done early on in the start of the course.

If you are studying courses at a higher term in the programme you do not need to re-register for the course in which you will do the re-exam but you should sign up for the exam generally. Refer to the course information.

Check your contact information in Ladok

Login to Ladok and make sure that your contact information in Ladok is correct, if not up date the information yourself. This is important in order for you to receive all the study information you need.

Login to Ladok

Login to the student interface with your student account on this website:

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