For students attending the course Professional development and ethics (5 credits) course code 4FF014

The course aims to lay the foundation for student development on a professional and personal level and prepare the student for broad career opportunities in academia, industry or the public sector by including aspects of communication, interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning, leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainable development and an ethical approach.



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Schedule for fall 2024 will be posted during August.

About the course

The course starts December 6 and has 50% tuition. It runs parallel to the course Integrated Physiology and Pharmacology. 


Registration is mandatory in order to keep your place and participate in the course. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration is open from one week before the course starts and three days after.



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Gunnar Schulte

Course director and Examinator
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Hanna Jansson

Course director

Sofia Pettersson

Course administrator

Course evaluation and course analysis

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