Swedish courses for new students

All Bachelor’s or Master’s students are offered a complimentary KI Swedish course. Exchange students, enrolled for courses and studying at KI for a minimum period of eight weeks are to check eligibility with their international coordinators. You need to register to participate.

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The courses are held at Folkuniversitetet and are offered as 5-week or 10-week courses.

Under "name of the person at Karolinska Institutet who is responsible for paying your course fee", please state Caroline Larsson Ekström. 

Also note that admission decision or Ladok transcript is required and the complimentary course offer does not apply to:

  • Visiting PhD students
  • Exchange students that will be enrolled at KI for less than 8 weeks and/or are not enrolled to take classes at KI
  • If your native language is Norwegian or Danish

Registration for autumn of 2024 will open in June. 

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Caroline Larsson Ekström

Communications officer