The right to participate in teaching

At Karolinska Institutet (KI), lectures, seminars, courses and other teaching opportunities are not public. Exceptions are dissertations, open lectures or debates that are explicitly addressed to the public.

To participate in the teaching of a course at the undergraduate and advanced level, you must have a course place and be registered for the course.

Eligibility to attend a lecture, seminar or course are teachers and those who are registered for the current course, if it is not temporarily suspended from teaching after a decision on disciplinary sanction according to 10 ch. Higher Education. Sometimes there is a further limitation on the number of places at a lecture, seminar or course and then the course coordinator decides who is authorized to attend the specific lecture, seminar or course .

Except in the event of suspension, the course coordinator or the teacher may, with their approval, allow the presence of someone who is not authorized.

Anyone who is not authorized according to the above, shall not participate in the teaching and shall therefore be asked to leave the room. The refusal to leave the premises upon request that can disrupt the teaching, must be reported to the principal for investigation according to 10 ch. the Higher Education Ordinance and may lead to disciplinary action.

Frida Engman