About Executive and Professional Education

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Why should I choose professional education at KI?

Karolinska Institutet, one of Europe’s largest and most research-intensive medical universities, offers executive and professional education for health care professionals in areas such as global & public health, primary care, dentistry and management & organisation. The foundation for these activities consists of seminars and customised training courses with science-based knowledge based on the latest research.

Flexible, online learning or onsite training in Sweden

  • High quality, flexible postgraduate part-time courses, online courses, training and events for professionals active in medicine and health.
  • Customised training, designed to meet organisational needs, or open enrolment courses.

Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking. This as a platform for upskilling in combination with a multicultural classroom offers medical staff around the world a great possibility to widen their horizons and enhancing their competence.

We offer flexible education for professionals, both online, in Sweden and in other countries. We have a team of highly skilled web pedagogues assisting us in developing a range of accessible courses partly or entirely web based.

Participatory teaching approach based on the latest research

  • One of Europe’s largest and most research-intensive medical universities provides latest research and high quality training.
  • Informative, collaborative and participatory teaching modality designed to maximise learning and interaction with peers and tutors.

Expand your expertise from leading experts

  • Designed and led by leading experts and master clinicians to advance your practice of medicine and health care and improve your patient outcomes.
  • Maintain your competence, expand your expertise and learn about new and developing areas of your field.
  • Participants are provided with enhanced skills and tools based on the latest research.

About contract education

Executive and professional education accommodates the needs for competence development within an operation. At Karolinska Institutet, it is organised through contract education, and can only be commissioned and paid for by a legal entity, a company, organisation or the equivalent.

Tailor-made courses

Karolinska Institutet provides access to the latest advances in medical science and medical research as well as the requisite training to provide high-quality, safe nursing and care. We offer customised courses that are ordered by the employer for employees in their own operations, and are designed to perfectly fit the organisation's needs regarding content and form. The education can be organised through:

  • Unique, tailored courses
  • Places on Karolinska Institutet’s regular contract education

Open courses

We offer a wide selection of open courses that vary in length from one or a few days to a semester or an entire programme extending over several years. Many commissioned programs give academic credits.

The base of the activities consists of seminars and customised training courses with science based knowledge in both traditional and new knowledge areas.

Karolinska Institutet Executive and Professional Education provides Karolinska Institutet's collective expertise. The goal is to equip each participant with the necessary tools from the latest advances in the field, to perform at a top level.

Extensive national and international collaboration

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet collaborate with colleagues around the world, which is essential for the transfer of knowledge and successful scientific inquiry. Each year, researchers at Karolinska Institutet co-publish around 3,500 scientific articles with researchers outside Sweden.

Karolinska Institutet Executive and Professional Education cooperates with authorities, organisations and other universities to develop the best possible education for working professionals who want to increase their skills and competence.

We have, in cooperation with Silviahemmet, developed unique master’s courses in dementia care for physicians. We have also developed a course in patient safety together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology on behalf of Stockholm County Council. At the request from the World Health Organisation we have developed the course Antimicrobial Resistance.

For current range of courses, please visit our course page and our subject areas.

For information on how we can help your organisation with competence and skills development, send us an email on: epe@ki.se

Executive and Professional Education can be commissioned only by a legal entity - an organisation, company or the equivalent.

Value added tax (VAT) rules

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For non-businesses and non-profit organisations, Swedish VAT will be added to the price of the service. Such entities pay taxes in the service provider's country, in this case Sweden.

Value added tax (VAT) rules 2011 (Skatteverket)

General rule nr 1.

General tax is applied according to Swedish Value Added Tax Law (Mervärdesskattelag, ML3.1§) for the turnover of goods and services.

The service is considered trade in the country where the purchaser is located or is established at the time the service is provided.

The seller shall not charge VAT if the purchaser is a trader in a country other than Sweden.

If the buyer has no fixed establishment, the traded service is considered as acquired in the buyers permanent place of residence. The buyer must have a valid VAT registration number in the actual EC country within the EU and in the third country.


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