Are you a visiting student? - Don't forget your Health Clearance

If you are attending placement on a healthcare programme within Stockholm County Council (Region Stockholm), or services that have an agreement with Stockholm County Council a health clearance will be required. The purpose of the health clearance is to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare work.

The form (health clearance) should be completed and signed by a licensed physician prior to your departure for Sweden and can be downloaded below. Please provide the physician issuing your health clearance with the document “Health clearance information for health care providers”. 

If applicable to you, according to the instructions below, further medical investigation may be carried out upon arrival, through Student Wellbeing Centre, KI. Please bring a signed and printed original copy of your health clearance with you. 

You will also need to present a printed original copy of your health clearance at your clinical placement. Please note that should you fail to provide a valid health clearance upon request, you may be denied participation. 

The following medical conditions will be checked for when issuing the health clearance:   

Tuberculosis (TB)

All students must undergo TB risk assessment and symptom screen. In some cases, further medical investigation with TB-test, X-ray and/or referral to infection clinic will be required (according to instructions in document below).   

Immunization coverage 

It is highly recommended, however not mandatory, for you to be vaccinated (if not immune) against: 

  • Hepatitis B 
  • Varicella (chickenpox) 
  • Measles 
  • Diphtheria 

Vaccination against Covid-19 is also highly recommended. Please note that there may apply restrictions for certain placements if not vaccinated against Covid-19. 

MRSA screening

MRSA screening test is recommended since MRSA colonization might, in some cases, lead to temporary restrictions on clinical training.  

A new test will be done upon your arrival at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, if applicable to you.  

Please visit for more information.   

Please note that wounds, eczema and damaged skin are risk factors for the spread of infections and ought to be treated before departure for Sweden. 

Upon arrival to Sweden

You need to visit Student Wellbeing Centre for further medical screening if you meet any of the following criteria:  

  • you have had contact with medical care facilities outside the Nordic region, either as a patient or as student/staff in direct patient care, within the past 6 months.  


  • you have been in contact with an MRSA carrier, for example a member of your household/family.  


  • you have undergone TB screening with TB-test and/or X-ray (bring copy of test result).   


  • prior treatment for TB or prior LTBI- (latent tuberculosis)-diagnosis.  


If you do not meet any of the four criteria listed above, you do not need to visit Student Wellbeing Centre and you may proceed directly to your clinical placement. You still need to bring your health clearance with you.


For contact information and drop-in hours visit


Student Wellbeing Centre

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