Sexual health

In Sweden, everyone can get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). That includes HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea and hepatitis and it is always free of charge. This is also applicable if you come from a different country or if your stay in Sweden is of a short duration. You can also get help with contraceptive advice, pregnancy tests and support in other sexual related enquiries.

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Please see below for a list of clinics. These clinics are open for all regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression or sexual identity. All the clinics offer drop-in hours; please look at their websites for more information.

Youth Guidance Centre (until the day you turn 23)

Huddinge ungdomsmottagning

Address: Sjödalsvägen 24B, Huddinge

Phone: 08-123 406 35

Odenplans ungdomsmottagning

Address: Frejgatan 85, Stockholm

Phone: 08-123 383 99

Södermalm ungdomsmottagning

Address: St Paulsgatan 19, Stockholm

Phone: 08-123 405 10

Clinics for Sexual Health (if you are older than 23):

Citymottagningen för Sexuell hälsa, Östermalm

Adress: Karlavägen 60, Plan 4, Stockholm

Phone: 08-506 490 90

Stockholms mottagning för sexuell hälsa

Address: Olivecronas väg 7, Stockholm

Phone: 08 - 123 405 00

RFSU-kliniken för sexuell hälsa, Södermalm

Address: Medborgarplatsen 3, Plan 7, Söderhallarna, Stockholm

Phone: 08-692 07 84

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