Web registration

To be able to start your studies at KI, you must activate your student account and register for the course you were admitted to. This applies to all admitted applicants, regardless of whether you have been admitted in the first or second selection round, or if you were admitted as a waitlisted applicant (as a reserve).

Activate your student account

An active student account is mandatory for studies at KI! If this is the first time you will be studying at KI, you must activate your account according to the instructions. If you are already a student at KI, you will continue to use the same student account as previously. 

Register for courses

Once you have activated your student account, you must register for the course you were admitted to. The registration period is three weeks before the start of the course (from the Monday) until the Tuesday before the start of the course, unless other dates are stated on your course website.

If you fail to register within this period, we consider your study place declined and will offer it to a waitlisted applicant. Once you are registered, you are officially considered a student and can participate in course activities and teaching. You register by logging in to your student account in Ladok. You can always log in and check your registration in Ladok. 

Declining your study place

If you need to decline your study place, please do so by logging in to your account at universityadmissions.se and go to “My pages”. If you want to withdraw from your study place after the registration period has started, kindly contact antagning@ki.se.

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