Lunch webinars organised by Student Wellbeing Centre

Student Wellbeing Centre invites you to attend lunch webinars on a variety of current topics.

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12:10 - 12:55 via Zoom

Overcome Procrastination: Achieve your academic goals

Join us for an engaging 45-minute lunch webinar designed for university students to conquer procrastination! Learn practical tips and strategies to boost productivity, manage time effectively, and set realistic goals. Don't miss out on improving your academic performance and reducing stress. 

Register now and take the first step towards a more productive you!

Key Topics:

  • Understanding procrastination
  • Reducing impulsiveness
  • Effective goal setting
  • Increasing motivation
  • Building productive habits

    Registration will be available soon.

Overcome public speaking anxiety

Struggle with presentations or speaking in public? Join our webinar to conquer your anxiety with practical tips and insights.

Key Topics:

  • Causes and effects of public speaking anxiety
  • Techniques to boost confidence and reduce nervousness
  • Practical exercises for effective speaking
  • Real-life examples and Q&A with Hannes Claesson

Registration will be available soon.

Improve your sleep during the dark winter months

Hey students! Feeling the winter blues? Struggling to catch enough zzz’s? Join us for a lunch webinar on sleep!

Key topics:

  • Discover practical tips and tricks to boost your sleep and recovery.
  • Learn how sleep affects your brain and body.
  • Get expert advice on managing the long, dark Swedish winters.

Registration will be available soon.


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