Healthcare in Sweden

As an international student you are entitled to use the Swedish healthcare system. Depending on your citizenship and how long you will be studying in Sweden, you may have to take out a complementary health insurance.

Healthcare in Sweden is largely subsidised by the government making it affordable for citizens and residents with a Swedish personal identity number. There are both public and private providers of healthcare.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number you are entitled to healthcare at the same standard patient fees as Swedes. You can register for a Swedish personal identity number if you are admitted to a study programme that will last longer than 12 months. Keep in mind that the process of applying for a Swedish personal identity number can take some time.

If you are a fee-paying student on a programme lasting less than 12 months, you will not be able to apply for a Swedish personal identity number and will not be entitled to the standard patient fees.

We recommend all students to check their medical insurance cover to make sure it's sufficient. 

Medical insurance on the page Insurance for international students

Seeking healthcare

Call number 1177 for free medical advice

You can call 1177 (+46 771-11 77 00 if you have a foreign number) and speak to a nurse in English, who will be able to give you advice about illnesses and health, or help you find your nearest health clinic.

Healthcare in Stockholm County

Healthcare clinics (Vårdcentralen)

You can visit the Vårdcentralen healthcare clinic that is nearest to you when you need to see a doctor or nurse. You need to book an appointment before hand, and you will have to pay for the consultation.

Healthcare in Stockholm County


Local emergency units (Närakut) are available for urgent, but non life-threatening medical treatment. For sudden, serious illnesses and injuries, you should turn to an accident and emergency clinic (Akutmottagning) at a hospital.

Remember the number 112. This is the free public service emergency telephone number in Sweden, as well as in the whole EU. It is available free of cost from mobile, landline and public telephones.

Healthcare in Stockholm County

The Student Wellbeing Centre at KI

The Student Wellbeing Centre at KI offers advice and support for any study-related health issues. The service offers both individual support and group activities free of charge. The Student Wellbeing Centre operates as a complement to public healthcare and thus does not offer any psychological or medical treatment.

The Student Wellbeing Centre at KI

Dental care

Dental care is expensive, even for Swedish citizens. If you have obtained a Swedish personal identity number you are eligible for benefits for some dental care procedures. EU/EEA-citizens are entitled to use the emergency dental care services on the same basis as Swedes, provided they are covered by health insurance in their home country and can present an European Health Insurance Card.

The cost of dental care is not fixed, so you should always ask your dentist how much the treatment will cost before it starts.

The Dental Public Service in Stockholm (Folktandvården)


There are several pharmacy (apotek) chains in Sweden, where you can ask for medical advice and buy medication to treat minor illnesses such as headache, cold and cough, allergic reactions, fever and stomach problems. For most other medication a doctor's prescription is needed. In most pharmacy outlets there are two departments: one for self-medication and one for prescribed medication.

Most pharmacies are open 10-18, but two are open longer: