Insurance for international students

You need to review your insurance coverage before arriving in Sweden. We recommend that you are covered by health insurance and home insurance as a minimum. As an international student you are covered by the Swedish State's Insurance for students at Swedish universities during school hours. You might also be partially covered by your home country, depending on your citizenship.

Insurance during school hours

All students in Sweden, regardless of nationality, are covered by the Swedish State's Insurance for students at Swedish universities through Kammarkollegiet. The insurance is an accident insurance that applies if you have an accident and suffer a bodily injury during school hours plus while travelling to and from the school.

Insurance for university students in Sweden on Kammarkollegiet's website

Health insurance

Register for the European Health Insurance card (EHIC)

As an EU/EEA, UK, or Swiss citizen you should register with the social insurance office in your home country to obtain the European Health Insurance card (EHIC) (or GHIC for the UK). Be sure to bring your EHIC card to Sweden, and check that it's valid throughout your stay in Sweden. If you are from Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland, a valid ID and home address will suffice.

With the European Health Insurance Card, you are entitled to emergency and medically necessary, state-provided healthcare on the same financial terms as Swedish residents. Medically necessary care includes medical and dental care that cannot wait until you return to your home country and can therefore vary depending on the length of your stay. The benefits covered include, for example, benefits provided in conjunction with chronic or existing illnesses.

Applying for a  European Health Insurance card on the European Commissions website

If you are a student with dual citizenship

If you have dual citizenship from EU/EES and another country, check if you are entitled to the EHIC card and obtain it before your arrival in Sweden. If you are not entitled to the EHIC card, you must get your own comprehensive health insurance.  

Karolinska Institutet has subscribed to health insurance with property cover, also called FAS plus, for all fee-paying students through Kammarkollegiet, Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

FAS plus applies 24-hours a day in Sweden starting from two weeks prior to your studies until two weeks after, including summer holidays if you are continuing your studies at KI in the fall.

FAS plus covers the following:

  • Emergency health and dental care*
  • Home transport in case of serious illness
  • Damage or loss of property
  • Liability
  • Legal expenses

*The dental insurance only covers up to 3000 SEK.

Please note that FAS plus only cover emergency medical and dental care. Be sure to read the FAS plus Terms and Conditions to know precisely how you are covered and if this is sufficient. You may want to take out a complementary health insurance. This applies especially to students who are traveling with pre-existing medical conditions or ongoing medical treatment.

If you need to seek emergency medical and dental care you will need to pay for the treatment yourself and later fill out a claim form to be reimbursed by Kammarkollegiet.

An insurance certificate will be sent out after the first tuition fee installment has reached Karolinska Institutet.

Insurance for students who pay tuition fees on Kammarkollegiet's website

As an exchange student you are covered through the Student IN insurance. The Student IN insurance covers emergency medical and dental care, personal liability, legal assistance, and personal property.

Please note that Student IN only cover emergency medical and dental care. Be sure to read the the Student IN Terms and Conditions to know precisely how you are covered and if this is sufficient. This applies especially to students who are traveling with preexisting medical conditions or ongoing medical treatment.


Sweden has reciprocal agreements on public medical benefits with the following countries:

  • Algeria – emergency health care (not dental care).
  • Australia – emergency and medically necessary health and dental care.
  • Quebec –health care access on the same terms as Swedish citizens. Applicable only during the first 12 months of stay.

If this applies to you, make sure you have all documentation needed before your arrival in Sweden.

Get health and dental checkups before departure

Before departure, get health or dental checkups. If needed, make sure you have enough personal medications needed for the length of your stay in Sweden. Be sure to leave the labels on medication packaging and have your prescription with you as border/airport security may ask to see this.

Home insurance

We strongly advise all students regardless of nationality or length of stay to take out home insurance (in Swedish: hemförsäkring) for your stay in Stockholm. As a tenant you will be responsible if anything gets damaged or stolen from your student room or flat during your rental period. 

If you are eligible for a Swedish Personal Number, you may take out home insurance through any Swedish insurance company once you have received your number.

The insurance conditions stated in the agreements between Kammarkollegiet and Karolinska Institutet take precedence over the information on this page.

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