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Student Wellbeing Centre invites you to attend lunch webinars on a variety of current topics.

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Webinars this spring

12:10 - 12:55 via Zoom

8/2 Psychological sustainability for students 

Learn more about the effects of stress and receive practical tips and tools on psychological self-care and how you can stress-proof yourself for the future.

5/4 Eco emotions? yes please!

In a time of ecological crisis, we need to act to solve the problem. But there is also a need to cope with eco emotions, such as anger, guilt, sadness, fear and other emotional responses. In this webinar, Kali Andersson, psychologist with a focus on climate and ecosystems, will share recent research and experience from supporting groups and individuals emotionally engaged in the dealing with the ecological issues of today. She will share about eco emotions, coping, and how to create hope with a balance between action, recovery and social support.

19/4 Public speaking anxiety 

Do you find it difficult to give oral presentations or to speak up in front of a group? Learn more about daring to speak and overcoming your nervousness and fears. The webinar will cover theory as well as practical tips.

Webinar on sleep 

Learn strategies on how to improve your sleep and practical tools to enhance recovery. The seminar will also touch upon how to cope with darkness in order to stay active and energized during the dark winter period.

Will not be offered this semester.

3/5 How to manage worry 

Do you spend a lot of time and energy on worrying about the future or ruminating about things in the past? Learn more about worry and how to handle rumination and worrying thoughts.

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