Medical care

On this page you can find information about general medical care in Sweden.

Medical care in Sweden is handled mainly through local primary-care medical centres (vårdcentral) or clinics (husläkarmottagning). There, adults and children can receive treatment for illnesses and non-urgent or non life-threatening medical problems. A primary-care doctor can also refer you to a specialist, if necessary.

Local health centres

If you get ill and need medical care in Stockholm you should contact your local health centre, vårdcentralen. All municipalities have their own health centres where you can get primary health care that includes consultations with general practitioners. You will have to pay for the consultation, the fee depends on your citizenship/residence status.

Vårdguiden is run by Stockholm County Council and can give you information on where to seek help. You can also call the non-emergency health care information hotline 1177.

The closest vårdcentral to Strix and Pax in Solna are Huvudsta vårdcentral or Capio Vårdcentral Solna. The closest vårdcentral to Jägargatan is Rosenlunds vårdcentral. For fast access to medical treatment, dental care and other areas of healthcare you can also visit Cityakuten, close to Hötorget in central Stockholm.

To find out more about the different health care centres and local emergency wards, please visit the Stockholm Health Care Guide (Vårdguiden).


A visit to a primary-care doctor costs 200 SEK, while a visit to a specialist or to hospital emergency clinics costs 350/400 SEK. These costs are subsidized by the Swedish state, the actual cost of a normal visit being SEK 1 650. If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) or an EU Health Insurance Card, you must pay the full cost yourself. Read more on the Insurance webpage.


Local emergency units (närakut) are available for urgent, but non life-threatening medical treatment. For sudden, serious illnesses and injuries, you should turn to an accident and emergency clinic (akutmottagning) at a hospital (sjukhus).

Remember the number 112. This is the free public service emergency telephone number in Sweden, as well as in the whole EU. It is available free of cost from mobile, landline and public telephones.

Student Health Centre at KI

Students at Karolinska Institutet with study-related illnesses or injuries have access to the Student Health Centre (Studenthälsan). The Student Health Centre offers preventive health care, medical advice and medical care as well as consultations and group activities associated with issues facing students at Karolinska Institutet. For treatment for illnesses and non-urgent or non life-threatening medical problems students are adviced to contact local primary-care medical centres.

Dental care

Dental care is expensive, also for Swedish citizens. If you have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) and are registered at the Swedish Social Insurance Office, you are eligible for benefits for some dental care procedures. EU/EEA citizens are entitled to use the emergency dental care services on the same basis as Swedish citizens, provided they are covered by health insurance in their home country and can present an EU Health Insurance Card.

Remember that the cost of dental care is not fixed, so you should always ask your dentist how much the treatment will cost before it starts. The Dental Public Service is Folktandvården.

The dental school at Karolinska Institutet provides student treatment for 150 SEK per visit, book your appointment on 08- 524 880 37.

The Dental Public Service in Stockholm
Dental school at Karolinska Institutet (no link - currently under revision)


There are several pharmacy (apotek) chains in Sweden, where you can ask for medical advice and buy medication to treat minor illnesses such as headache, cold and cough, allergic reactions, fever and stomach problems. For most other medication a doctor's prescription is needed. In most pharmacy outlets there are two departments: one for self-medication and one for prescribed medication. Most pharmacies are open 10-18, but two are open longer:

Apoteket C W Scheele, T-centralen
Apotek Hjärtat, Mariatorget (Södermalm)