Reconsideration - amendment of a decision

Some decisions can not be appealed, but you can request to have the decision reviewed.

If you think that a decision that concerns you is obviously incorrect due to new circumstances or other some other reason you can request that the decider reviews and reconsiders the decision. In your request you should justify why the decision is obviously incorrect. Any amendment to a decision is made on the basis of sections 37 or 38 of the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act. Obvious typing errors, calculation errors or similar oversight when correcting exams / equivalent may be corrected with reference to section 36 of the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act.

There is a special form for requests to change grading decisions or test results (only in Swedish).

There is no time limit for you to request a review of a decision. However, the longer the time, the more difficult it will be to accomplish a review, for example if you collected your exam or if it has been excised and thus no longer exists at KI. Reconsideration should therefore be requested as soon as possible. If you have received at least the grade Passed, you can not receive the grade Fail at your own request.

An appeal means that a decision is reviewed by a different organization / authority than the one that made the decision. You can read more about appealing decisions on KI's website Appeals.