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The aim of the course is is the deepening of the student's understanding of the receptor concept and its importance for mechanism and structure-based drug development.



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About the course

The course focuses on pharmacodynamic core concepts such as drug effect, mechanisms for drug impact, agonists, antagonists, drug affinity, drug selectivity and drug tolerance, pharmaceutical target, drug receptor interaction and structure-function relationship. Advanced knowledge in receptor pharmacology is the basis for future drug discoveries including drug screening, hit optimisation and compound validation.

The course includes theoretical and practical aspects of receptor pharmacology of importance to a broad spectrum of future career alternative in academia and industry.

 The course starts October 7 and runs for 5 weeks with 50% tuition (100%). The majority of the teaching is during the first two and a half weeks. 


Registration is mandatory in order to keep your place and participate in the course. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration is open from one week before the course starts and three days after.

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