For students attending the course Methods for studying the distribution of health (7.5 credits) course code 4FH082

The course focuses on basic epidemiological methods and their application, including measures of disease occurrence and association; methods for collecting information on and monitoring of public health; sources of bias, interpretation of epidemiological findings and also gives an introduction to epidemiological study design.



Schedule fall 2023

Welcome to the course "Methods for studying the distribution of health", Fall 2023

Course dates: October 2 - November 5, 2023


Registration to keep your place and attend the course is compulsory. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration period is one week before the course starts and three days into the course. More information about web registration 


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Course leader and examiner

Examination and compulsory participation

Group tasks along with written individual tasks and a written examination.

The grade will be based on results from the written examination (70%) together with individual and group exercises (30%).

Compulsory participation
Quizzes and group work are compulsory. The course director assesses if and, in that case, how absence can be compensated. Before the student has participated in all compulsory parts or compensated absence in accordance with the course director's instructions, the student's results for the course/respective part will not be registered in LADOK.

Course evaluation 

Course evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Education. Course council meeting is held with the course coordinator and student representatives.

Course evaluation and course analysis


Olena Gruzieva

Course leader and examiner

Johanna Bergman

Course administrator
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