For students attending the course Research project 2 course code 4BI124

Welcome to the website for the course Frontiers in Biomedicine: Research project 2. The aim of the course is for the student to perform a research project under supervision according to an individual study plan, and to broaden and deepen the student's theoretical and methodological knowledge within the chosen field of biomedicine.



The duration of the course is November 11, 2024 to January 19, 2025. Important dates of the course: 

  • January 10, 2025: Submission of written work
  • January 17, 2025: Oral examination

More information is to be found in Canvas for students in the course. 


The examination takes place January 17, 2025, in the form of a mini-conference with oral presentations of the students' project work. A schedule for the examination day with time slots for each student will be published in Canvas in the beginning of January.

Course evaluation and analysis

The course is evaluated according to the guidelines set by the Board of Education, now Committee of Education. 

Course evaluation and analysis


Responsible for the course: Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC)

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Du Juan

Course director
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Anne Eklöf

Education Officer
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