For students attending the Master's Programme in Biomedicine Programme outline Syllabus 4BI11

The programme provides cutting edge knowledge and essential practical skills for an academic research career within the field of molecular medicine. It focuses on understanding disease mechanisms at a molecular level, particularly for the most common and widespread diseases, with the aim of developing future methods for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

Starting 2021 the Master's programme in biomedicine has a new curriculum 4BI21


Overview of the the programme 4BI11 and autumn semester 2021

The Autumn semester 2021 runs: 2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16

The Spring semester 2022 runs: 2022-01-17 – 2022-06-05
Sports Day: 2021-02-16
Self studies: 2021-04-09 – 2021-04-18

Courses offered

Courses with links to web pages and dates they are offered

Semester 3

Applied communication in biomedicine 3 (2.5 credits) 2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16

Applied communication in biomedicine 4 (2.5 credits)  2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16

Research project (16 credits) 2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16

Elective tracks (9 credits) 2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16

Semester 4

Degree project (30 credits) 2022-01-17 - 2021-06-05

Dates for the coming two academic years

  • Spring semester 2021    2021-01-18 - 2021-06-06
  • Autumn semester 2021  2021-08-30 - 2022-01-16
  • Spring semester 2022    2022-01-17 - 2022-06-05
  • Autumn semester 2022  2022-08-29-2023-01-15

Pedagogic profile 

The pedagogic profile at the master’s programme in biomedicine aims at expressing key values and outcomes of the programme. A number of qualities have been identified that permeate the curriculum, they include: engaging students in problem identification and problem solving strategies, acknowledging ethics as a quintessential feature of all biomedical work, biomedical communication is also emphasized. It is also considered important to following up the design of courses, considering how well intended learning outcomes and examination are aligned and also how well the students are prepared for the different forms of examination they encounter.

We invite students to take part in critical examination of how well we fulfill our aims. This takes place by way of student surveys. We also aim at implementing the use of exit polls for graduating students.

Below you can find the latest student survey, where we have asked students to reflect upon the central features of the programme as expressed in the pedagogic profile.

Pedagogic profile

Student survey


Syllabus 4BI11 for the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine

for student admitted 2011 to 2020.

Syllabus 4BI21 for the Master's Programme in Biomedicine

for students admitted from 2021.

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