Study finance and student discounts

Here you will find more information about Swedish student finance and student discounts such as the Mecenat-card and how to get it.

Swedish student finance for Swedish citizens 

If you are a Swedish student and want to apply for student funding from The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) you should do so as soon as possible to avoid having to wait for the payment when the semester starts. If you have checked the box for study funds in your application, you will be sent an application form, otherwise you can order the form on CSN's website. 

If you are going to attend a program and apply for study funds from CSN, it is strongly recommended that you apply for one year at a time (60 credits). An application that is granted for an entire academic year means that you do not have to report your achievements already after the first semester but can wait until the summer after the end of the academic year and do not risk a gap between payments. If you change programs or stop studying after one semester, you simply report the changes to CSN.

For questions regarding study funds, you should contact CSN in the first instance.

Swedish student finance for foreign citizens

The qualifications you need to fulfil in order to have the right to Swedish student finance depend on if you are planning to study in Sweden or abroad, and what citizenship you have.

The right to Swedish student finance - for foreign citizens who want to study in or outside of Sweden


Both Swedish and international students at KI get access to Mecenat's student discounts, for example on trips with SL and SJ.

You can find more information about how you get the Mecenat Card on the Mecenat Card website

Student union membership benefits

You get additional advantages and benefits during your time as a student through membership in one of KI's student unions. There are two student unions at KI. Your education programme determines which union you can apply for membership in.