Academic calendar

The start and end dates for the autumn and spring semesters.

Academic calendar
Semester start and end dates
Spring semester 2024 2024-01-15-2024-06-02
Autumn semester 2024 2024-09-02 - 2025-01-19
Spring semester 2025 2025-01-20 - 2025-06-08
Autumn semester 2025 2025-09-01 - 2026-01-18
Spring semester 2026 2026-01-19 - 2026-06-07
Autumn semester 2026 2026-08-31 - 2027-01-17
Spring semester 2027 2027-01-18 - 2027-06-06
Autumn semester 2027 2027-08-30 - 2028-01-16
Spring semester 2028 2028-01-17 - 2028-06-04

The academic year at KI

The academic year at Swedish Universities is divided into two semesters: the autumn semester and the spring semester.  The autumn semester starts at the end of August/beginning of September and ends in January. There is no break between the autumn and spring semesters. The spring semester starts in January and ends at the beginning of June. 

The starting date can vary

Please note that some programmes may have an earlier semester starting date. You will receive information about what applies to your particular programme from your department.


The university has no official holidays such as Christmas or Easter. There is no official summer holiday at the university, but in practice, the period from June to August can be counted as a summer break. Usually, students do not have scheduled teaching during Christmas or public holidays. However, you may have to spend time studying during these periods. To be sure which days you have classes, you should always check the schedule for your course or programme, since it may vary.