For students attending the course Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods in Disasters, 7.5 h course code 2QA357

The course provides students with an introduction to qualitative research and how it can be used in evaluations of health care interventions in disasters.


Welcome to the course  Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods in Disasters, 7.5 h

In this course you will learn how to use qualitative research and how to formulate research questions. You will also learn various methods of data collection, as well as how to plan evaluations of health care interventions in disasters using qualitative data, and how to report and communicate your findings. In addition, the course gives you an introduction to qualitative data analysis software and the practical application of coding, analysing, and interpreting qualitative data.

It is a free-standing course that is taught in conjunction with the Erasmus Mundus Master's programme Public Health in Disasters. That Master's programme has a global intake of students, which means that when you study this free-standing course, you also get the joy and benefit of learning with, and getting to know, fellow students from all over the world.

  • The course will be given next time spring 2025 starting 14 April 2025.
  • More information will follow approching the course start.
  • For further information about this course, please contact course leader and examiner:

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