Graduation Ceremony for Global Master's programmes 2024

Students graduating from Global Master's programmes in 2024 will be invited to a Graduation Ceremony followed by a reception, to be held on Thursday, May 30 at 2:00 pm, at Aula Medica, KI Campus Solna

Aula medica

More information regarding the celebration will come together with the invitation to the students by e-mail in April.

The ceremony is approximately two hours long and it is only for registered students and their families. 

The following global master's programmes will be represented:

  • Bioentrepreneurship
  • Biomedicine
  • Global Health
  • Health Economics, Policy and Management
  • Health Informatics
  • Molecular Techniques in Life Science
  • Nutrition Science
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Public Health in disasters
  • Toxicology
  • Translational Physiology and Pharmacology
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