For students attending the course Applied physiology and pharmacology - research project 2 (7,5 credits) course code 4FF006

The aim of the applied course is for the student to gain experience of research projects that are performed in collaboration with a research group or a company in the Life Science sector. During the course, the student will have the opportunity to use the subject-specific knowledge obtained during the program and apply it in basic research, clinical settings or drug development projects. This course follows directly after the Applied Physiology and Pharmacology – research project 1.



The schedule for the course will be published 2 weeks before the start date.

About the course

Seminars in connection with the start of the course and the examination. The project and its contents define the working methods, including laboratory work, literature studies or equivalent  with full-time teaching (100%). Full-time teaching corresponds to 40 hours of study per week.

The course starts December 2 2023, and runs for 5 weeks. 


Registration is mandatory in order to keep your place and participate in the course. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration is open from one week before the course starts and three days after.

More information about web registration.

Funda Orhan

Course director

Sofia Pettersson

Course administrator
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