For students attending the course Oral Health - Science 1 course code 1TY004

The course comprises critical review of scientific articles, regarding content, structure and scientific concepts, as well as the scientific evidence for different elements of the physical examination of patients, and for steps taken to promote oral hygiene. The course is given in English.



To keep your spot and participate in the course, you have to register in Ladok. The registration period is one week before the start of the course and two days from the course has started. More information about registration


The schedule for the whole semester is published on the program web at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the semester. Any course-specific detailed schedule is published in Canvas, which requires log-in for students that are registered to take the course. 

Written exams in examination rooms

To participate in the written exam you have to sign up in Ladok at least 10 calendar days before the day of the exam.

The period for signing up lasts 7 days. It opens 16 days before the day of the exam. 

You have to registered/re-registered to take the course in order to sign up for the exam. If you need to register, you need to the course administrator. If you haven't signed up for the exam by the deadline it is possible that you may not be able to take the exam.

Please read the information about registering, signing up and find the exam schedule.

Course evaluation and course analysis

The course evaluation is part of the KI quality system and is carried out according to regulations set by the Committee for Higher Education.

The course analysis is based on the results of the course evaluation, and is published here at the latest a month after the end of the course.

Please contact the course coordinator for more information about the course evaluation and course analysis.


Suzanne Almborg

Course administrator
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