Checklist for new students at the start of the semester

Here is a checklist to use once you have arrived to ensure you have a smooth transition into your life at KI. The checklist will guide you through the registration and administrative setup necessary for you to begin your studies.

1. Make sure to activate your student account 

You activate your student account yourself and you need to do this to be able to register for your first course. 

Learn how to activate your student account

2. Registration and roll-call

The education at KI starts with compulsory registration and/or roll-call. More information will be available on your course or program’s website before the start of the semester.

Information about your course or program 

3. Apply for your KI card

Your KI card serves as your entry card, library card, and printing card. 

How to get your KI card
Read the terms and conditions for the KI card

4. Mark your calendar for the introduction ceremony for all international students

Right before each semester starts, KI invites all international students to an introduction ceremony to get a glimpse of what KI and the student life can offer.

The digital introduction ceremony for the fall semester 2021 will be broadcasted live from Aula Medica in Solna on August 27th at 9:00-10:00. Read more and add the event to your calendar here.

All international students on bachelor's and master's levels are offered a complimentary Swedish course upon arrival. 

5. Get familiar with the University Library’s website

The University Library at KI provides course literature, databases, and articles. There are also several study places for different needs, such as group rooms and quiet reading rooms. At the library, you can find the Student IT who can help you with logging in to the student account, Wi-Fi, your print account, and downloading various software. There are also librarians and writing educators who can help you search for information, manage references, and write academically.

KI University Library's website

6. KI:s webpage for current students

At the KI website for current students, you can find necessary information about the campuses, services to help you with your studies, current news and events, and more. Make sure to regularly keep an eye on these pages so that you do not miss any important or exciting information. 

KI:s webpage for current students

During the current pandemic, it is also necessary that you make sure to stay update and follow the regulations necessary.

Find information about education regarding Covid-19

7. Set up the necessary digital tools for your studies

During your studies at KI, Canvas, Ladok, your e-mail account, and some other digital tools might become some of your “best friends”. It is a good idea to get familiar with these tools right away and understand when to use them and for what purpose.

Find a list of the digital tools and services available

8. Get to know your student rights and obligations

Get familiar with your student’s rights which concern equal treatment, examination and grading system, policy on cheating, and more. The student union appoints student representatives who ensure that the student’s best interests are in focus within all levels at KI. 

Read about student rights and obligations at KI

9. Review and collect your course literature 

  • Medicinska Bokhandeln sells course literature for a student-friendly budget. They are located at Campus Solna. At Campus Flemingsberg you can find the bookstore "Harrys böcker".
  • Many former students sell their course literature to new students via Facebook groups or ads on the notice boards around campus. 
  • The University Library offers a limited number of copies of all compulsory literature.

10. Join the student union

Participate in a variety of events! A perfect opportunity to make new contacts and make friends for life. The student union also monitors the quality of the educations and works to ensure that the educations are as good as possible. By joining the student union, you are eligible for a Mecenat card that offers student discounts. 

Become a member of Medicinska Föreningen

A warm welcome to KI! 

Lisa Bergenfelz