For students attending the course Clinical rotation for exchange students 2 (6 ECTS credits) course code 1EE115

The course is a clinical education in a municipal and/or hospital based occupational therapy setting. The aim of the course is for students to develop a professional occupational therapy identity merging both new and already acquired occupational therapy knowledge with international perspectives in a clinical learning environment. Students will engage in clinical and learning activities under the supervision of licensed occupational therapists as well as from other health care professions.


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In the clinical rotation students shall, under supervision, progress towards independence showing capacity to perform the occupational therapy process with clients in a setting that can be in a municipal and/or hospital based occupational therapy setting. The course is given during 4 weeks, between February 26th (w. 9) - March 22nd (w. 12) during the spring semester 2024.


Course content

Understanding the occupational therapy process, analyzing clients' occupational performances, as well as be able to plan and carry out interventions along with collaborations with other professions. Students work on the learning objectives of the course, and these are also what the students will be assessed upon by the supervisor.


Since this course involves an international meeting between each student and Swedish social structure, students will also need to reflect upon differences and similarities in the work of the occupational therapist in Sweden as compared to the students' home countries. The grading scale used is Pass/Fail, however this can be converted into another scale (f e A-F) should it be required by the partner university.


The teaching is based on a problem-oriented and collaborative approach to learning in which the tasks provide opportunities for the student to take active responsibility for the learning.

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Course registration is mandatory, you will yourself register in Ladok. The course administrator can also assist international students with the registration. The registration is always open one week before the course starts to two days after it has started. More information about course registration.


Schedule: 32 study hours per week in a setting that has an agreement with the occupational therapy programme. The remaining 8 hours per week are allocated for literature studies and preparation.


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Banuja Sivapalan

Course Director
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Hélène Von Strauss

Course Administrator
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Christoffer Bodforss

Administrative officer and International Coordinator at the Education Support Office at Karolinska Institutet
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