For students attending the course Medical Technology in Digital Health Transformation course code 2QA327

This course will increase your digital readiness and make you better equipped to participate in digital health transformation in an active way. It will provide you a holistic view of healthcare transformation driven by healthcare needs and supported by enabling technologies.


Course information

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The course aims to:

  • help participants recognize the factors behind the need for a healthcare transformation.
  • introduce digital healthcare transformation to healthcare professionals:
  • present the role of medical technology in digital healthcare transformation.
  • enable participants to differentiate between healthcare digitalization and digital health transformation.
  • prepare participants in taking a role in digital health transformation

Course set up:

The course amounts to 7,5 ECTS and is delivered part-time. The course is entirely web-based and consists of webinars, lectures (online and pre-recorded), individual assignments, online discussions and demonstrations.

Course content:

  • High-value care and quadruple aim
  • Patient centeredness and patient engagement
  • Healthcare digitalization
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs)
  • Healthcare process improvement
  • Real world data and precision medicine
  • Interoperability in digital healthcare
  • Ethics in digital health
  • Business intelligence in healthcare
  • Artificial intelligence and process-oriented data science
  • Medical device and digital health regulations
  • Real-time locations systems
  • Telemedicine, eHealth and mHealth


Schedule HT2021

Note that the schedule is preliminary and subject to changes