For students attending the course Participation and Environment (7.5 credits) course code 1AR035

During your third year at the Occupational Therapy Programme you attend the course Participation and Environment. The course underlines the relations between participation and environment, with a specific focus on social structures, legislation and service provision in relation to people with disability, both from a local and global perspective. In the course syllabus you get access to course content, learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, assessment forms and, course literature.


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The course is five weeks long, and runs from November 7th until December 9th during fall 2022. See the schedule for more dates and information.


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Course registration is mandatory, you will yourself register in Ladok. The registration is always open one week before the course starts to three days after it has started. More information about course registration.


Schedule Participation and Environment (a preliminary schedule will be made available here no later than four weeks prior to the course begins)


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Hélène von Strauss

Course Administrator

Inna Osadtjaja

Study Counsellor