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Humanitarian crisis situations – disasters - cause damage, suffering, death and leave people in need of humanitarian assistance. Medical staff should understand how health and health needs are affected, what the most common and urgent health needs are and how to respond to them, in order to provide an appropriate response. The overall aim of the course is therefore to provide competencies, strategies and tools to prepare and enable the participants’ future work in humanitarian health assistance.


Welcome to the course Health assistance in humanitarian crisis (12.0 ECT credits) 

Uppdragsutbildning Hälsoinsatser i humanitära kriser (9K9004)

A very warm welcome to the course Health assistance in humanitarian crisis (12.0 ECT credits)

The basis of the course is the global health situation and determinants for health. It illustrates how context and different types of disasters affects public health. The course highlights health strategies aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality. It also provides concrete tools for planning and implementing humanitarian health assistance.

The course comprises a total of eight weeks (estimated to 12 credits), of combined campus and web based learning.The course focuses on humanitarian health assisetance from the following core areas. Global health overview Communicable diseases, epidemic outbreaks Maternal and child health In addition to the core areas, the course also include non-communicable diseases, mental health and ethical dilemmas.The overall aim of the course is to provide competencies, strategies and tools to enable the students to work as humanitarian health assistance staff.

The date for the next course start is 15 January 2024. It will be at Widerströmska huset is located at the end of the Karolinska Institutet Campus area next to the junction between Solnavägen and Tomtebodavägen. 

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