My student account

All students at Karolinska Institutet, undergraduate, graduate level or external participants in doctoral courses, get a student account which gives access to a range of services, such as email, student computers, remote access to library resources, the learning platform Canvas and the university's wireless network. Please note that KI doctoral students have access via their KI ID.

As a new student, you need to activate your student account. This also applies to those who only attend an independent course at undergraduate or advanced level or are a doctoral student at another higher education institution but attend a doctoral course at KI. Follow the instructions for this below.

Latest news

Please note! For autumn semester 2024, you can activate your account from August 2nd, 2024.

You can activate your student account, order an activation code or set a new password via KI:s ID-portal

Make sure to upgrade your student KI-ID to a higher trust level via the ID-portal. If this does not work, please send an email to

And remember to forward your student e-mail address to a private e-mail address or update your e-mail address in Ladok (not student e-mail) so that Student-IT can help you more easily!

Activate your student account

For autumn semester 2024, you can activate your account from August 2nd, 2024.

Activate your student account in one of the following ways. Most students with no Swedish National registration number go for option number 2. When you activate your student account, you will see your username (KI-ID), student email address and choose your password.

1. Via KI:s ID-portal using e-identification  

If you have a Swedish social security number (consisting of your date of birth and four additional digits) you can activate your student account via KI:s ID-portal using: BankID, mobile BankID, Freja eID or eduID.

2. Via activation code from KI

If you have received an activation code by email, post or handout, go to KI:s ID-portal, choose "Use activation code" and follow the instructions.

This applies mainly to exchange students, global programme students, students who lack a Swedish social security number, distance students who are not registered by the authorities in Sweden, doctoral students from other universities, post-docs and other external course participants. 

Did you not receive an activation code? 

Order a new activation code which will be sent by registered email in Ladok or by post to your population registration address. The activation code is valid for 14 days and you can only order one code at a time.

3. Contact Student IT

If you haven’t received an activation code or need help to activate your student account you are welcome to contact Student IT at the University Library. Please note that you must show identification.

Register for your course or programme

Once you have activated your student account, it's important that you also register for your course or programme to keep your spot. To register, you must follow the instructions for registration found at the course / programme website.

Register in Ladok

Upgrade your student KI-ID to a higher authentication assurance level

To be able to set a new password for the student account via the ID portal, you need to upgrade your student KI-ID to a higher authentication assurance level. All students will need to do this upgrade in the near future for continued access to Ladok. 
You can easily do this via the ID portal using your e-ID. 
Important! It takes up to 24 hours before you can log in to Ladok and Canvas again when you have upgraded your KI-ID. Worth considering if you e.g. are going to register for an examination via Ladok!

Activate two-step verification/Microsoft Authenticator

Two-step verification/MFA (multi-factor authentication), means logging in using two steps: your student e-mail address and password, and a code or authorization via an app on your phone. Two-step verification is mandatory for all students at KI.
To enable two-step verification, you need a mobile phone that can install apps from the Appstore or Google Play.

Guide to activate two-step verification

The Microsoft Authenticator app is free! Remember to not delete the app in your phone when the authentication is complete.

How to reset the Microsoft Authenticator app

If the Microsoft Authenticator app has stopped working for some reason, or you have lost your phone, follow the guide below to reactivate the two-step verification
Please note! Remove any old authentication methods, e.g. a lost or old phone that is no longer in use!

Change the password to your student account

You can change the password at any time. Your new password:

  • must consist of at least ten characters 
  • must contain at least two letters and at least one special character and digit
  • must not contain Scandinavian characters, such as å, æ, ö, ø, etc or personal information, such as your name or social security number. Please avoid the special characters £, $, ¤, @ in the password

Please note that you are not allowed to reuse old passwords. Also, the password may not be used outside KI.

If you lack a Swedish social security number you can get help resetting the password by contacting Student IT. Please be sure to be ready to show identification.

Wireless network Eduroam

Eduroam is a collaboration between colleges and universities around the world to facilitate the use of each other's wireless networks. Eduroam is available at many institutions both in Sweden and abroad. Always use the settings that apply to Karolinska Institutet, even at locations outside the KI campus.
Eduroam also works at several libraries in Stockholm and also at train stations, airports and ports.

Connect to Eduroam

KI card

All students can obtain a KI card that serves as your access card, library card and printing card. All information on how to get your KI card can be found at KI card for students.

You can change the PIN code to your KI card (only accessible at campus - you need to be connected to KI´s network Eduroam).

For questions or access problems, contact the Security Unit.

Frequent questions

What is the student account used for?

The student account consists of a username (KI ID), a password and an email address.

The student account can be used for the following services:

I am getting an error message saying Error 500 when activating my student account, what is wrong?

This is probably because your chosen password does not fulfill the demands. 

Your new password:

  • must consist of at least ten characters 
  • must contain at least two letters and at least two special characters and digits
  • must not contain Scandinavian characters, such as å, æ, ö, ø, etc or personal information, such as your name or social security number. Please avoid the special characters £, $, ¤, @ in the password

Please note that you are not allowed to reuse old passwords. Also, the password may not be used outside KI.

I have just been accepted from being a reserve, why can't I activate my student account?

Often it takes a day before your student account is created. Have some patience and try again a little later.

I do not receive e-mails to my student e-mail

Check the spam folder in your student e-mail.

How do I activate two-step verification via app?

To be able to change your password via Microsoft 365 you need to activate two-step verification.

Why is two-step verification mandatory at KI?

  • It is a requirement from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
  • The introduction of two-step verification is a measure to increase the security of your student account and to prevent your account from being hijacked.
  • Two-step verification protects your user identity at KI (prevents ID hijacking) and increases security when you log in with your student account to KI's various IT services and systems.
  • The function is used to confirm that it is you who logs in to KI's IT services such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. The introduction of two-step verification affects students and employees at KI.

I´m having problems connecting to eduroam

Reinstall eduroam on your device by forget the network and then reinstall.

Some Mac-users may experience some issues connecting to eduroam after the reinstallation. 
Please follow this guide and then try to connect to eduroam again

I seem to be missing content in Canvas

You have to talk with the teacher responsible for the course.

How do I update my contact information?

Log in to Ladok to change your contact information. When changing a phone number, you also need to log in to IDAC, in order for it to be synced everywhere, and click on "Services" and then "Change telephone number".

What happens to the student account after the studies are finished?

You have access to your student e-mail, Canvas and other systems two semesters after you have finished your studies.

However, you no longer have remote access to the library resources or Microsoft 365 when you are not registered as an active student at KI. There are two reconciliation dates (1 October for the autumn semester and 1 April for the spring semester) that are useful to remember.

At the end of the second semester, you will receive a notice by email to the student-email address when your account will be shut down.

If you’re on a study break, you’ll keep your account during that time, but no remote access to the library resources or Microsoft 365.

Remember to save all important files and e-mails before your account is closed down!

If you want to continue using Microsoft 365 after your studies – please contact Microsoft for a private license.

How do I save my e-mails from the student e-mail after graduation?

If you want to save e-mails from your student e-mail, the easiest way to do so is to forward e-mails to another e-mail account.

You can also import the whole student e-mail account to another account by Microsoft, if you have one.

Instructions for PC

Instructions for Mac

When you log in to your account in Outlook, your username is your e-mail, that is,

How can I access my study data in Ladok after I have finished my studies?

If you have a Swedish social security number, you can obtain a digital eduID that you use to log in to Ladok for students.

This is how you do it:

  1. Go to eduID and create an eduID
  2. Log in to Ladok with your eduID. Select “eduID Sweden” in the list of higher education institutions on the login page.

As an Alumni, you can also log in to Ladok with bankID or Freja eID:

  • Go to Ladok and click on “Ladok för alumni/Ladok for alumni” at the bottom of the page
  • Log in with BankID or Freja eID

In Ladok you can:

  • see an overview of your studies
  • download study certificates that can be verified digitally
  • apply for a degree.

If you have studied at several Swedish colleges or universities, you can access all your study information with the same login. And with your eduID, you can also log in to some other higher education sites, such as

If you no longer have an active student account or an eduID/BankID, you can order a study certificate by emailing Mail about a certificate of study.

Contact & opening hours

If you need assistance with your student account, please contact Student IT.

Phone: 08-524 82 222

Opening hours in Solna & Flemingsberg

Mon - Fri: 8:00-16:00
Sat - Sun: Closed

Special opening hours during 2024