For students attending the course Community- and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives (7.5 credits) course code 1XX011

Community- and Home Based Rehabilitation are two concepts that strives to achieve access for individuals with disabilities to have the same access to rehabilitation, healthcare, education and employment as other citizens in society. The CHBR-course is an interprofesional course, and given as both a course for international students and as an optional course for students attending a study programme at KI. The course will be held in English and takes place during May and June every year.


Welcome information

The interprofesional CHBR-course is given in spring each year. It is given as a course for international students (1EE021), an optional course for students attending a Study Programme at KI (1XX011), as well a course in the area of executive and professional education (9XX021).

The course will run between w. 18-22 during the spring semester 2024. Please see schedule for more information.

Syllabuses for the course:

The first week of the course, you also study together with students attending the international course Professional Identity within Healthcare from a Global Perspective (1EE104).

Course content

During the course you will have both live-lectures and pre-recorded lectures and the aim of the course is to strengthen your knowledge from different interprofessional, international and cultural perspectives.


You will have theory and practice of how to design, solve and evaluate the effects of rehabilitative measures in both home and community. The course also include work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


The course ends up in a final assignment where you write an individual CBR or HBR project plan.


Course registration

Course registration is mandatory, you will yourself register in Ladok. If you are an international student the course administrator can assist with the registration. The registration is always open one week before the course starts to two days after it has started. More information about course registration.

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Hélène Von Strauss

Course Administrator
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Christoffer Bodforss

Administrative officer and International Coordinator at the Education Support Office at Karolinska Institutet
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