For students attending the course Introduction to Brain Imaging in Neuroscience: With a Focus on MRI, PET, EEG and MEG Methods, 7.5 credits - free standing course course code 2QA313

Through the course, you get an understanding of the methods used for measuring the function and structure of the human brain in neuroscience. The focus is on the methods magnetic resonance imaging (structural and functional MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG).


Admission and registration

If you have been accepted in the first selection, you must accept your admission (the reply date can be found in the admission notice) by logging in and following the instructions on "My pages" on

Activate your student account and register for the course.

To study at KI, you must also activate a student account and register for the course within the specified time.

Student accounts for new students at KI are ready for activation on August 2, 2024. Follow the instructions to activate your student account. If you are already a student at KI, you use the same student account as usual.

Once you have activated your student account, you must register for the course. You register yourself in Ladok during the period 2024-08-05 til 2024-08-20 (11.59PM). Anyone who does not register for the course within the set time is considered to have rescinded their place on the course. It is only when you are registered that you are officially counted as a student and may participate in the teaching.

Information about distance education

Access to a computer with a webcam and internet connection is required for participating in the course. The teaching is divided into six course modules and takes place through lectures, group discussions and in-depth work. The examination takes place partly through a knowledge test in connection with the respective course elements, and partly through individual in-depth work.


If you want to rebid your place/reserve place, you do so via "My pages" on the national page This is possible until the registration has opened on August 5. If you want to cancel after the registration has opened, contact KI's own admissions unit via email at

Course start with mandatory attendance

The course begins with compulsory course start and introduction

When: Tuesday 27 August 2024 08:30.

Where: Via Zoom. Link sent out via Canvas.

About the course

The course runs during the period August 27 - November 15, 2024 - with the last exam on October 25 and then time for project work and presentations. The study rate is 50%. Lectures (36 occasions) as well as immediately following group discussions with students and lecturers are done digitally, but are mandatory and scheduled during the day, on two mornings a week during the course period (Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30-12.00 (subject to the possibility of minor changes). Examinations (5 occasions) and presentation of individual in-depth work (1 occasion) are also scheduled and mandatory.

The course is also given as an elective course for students in some of KI's programs (with the course code 2XX082 for the same course).

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Christoph Pfeiffer

Course responsible and Examinator


The schedule for HT24 will be published here no later than four weeks before the start of the course. You find the last year's schedule as a PDF below.
The latest version of the schedule can always be found in Canvas.


Questions regarding examination, residual examination or complementary sessions are answered by the course coordinator or examiner.

New at KI?

The page Student at KI contains information about everything else you need to know as a student at Karolinska Institutet, including contact information for Student-IT etc.

Course evaluation and course analysis

The course evaluation is part of Karolinska Institutet's quality management system and is carried out according to the guidelines established by the Committee for Education at first and second level. The course evaluation and course analysis will then be published here.

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