Apply to become a digital ambassador

We are looking for new digital ambassadors! It’s extra cash, fun and helping others in one beautiful package! You are eligible to apply if you are a 1st year student starting your studies at a global bachelor’s or master’s programme at Karolinska Institutet.

A student is taking a photo of other students with his phone.

Role and expectations

As a digital ambassador your role is to share your student experience with prospective students. You will inspire to studies at KI, give useful tips, and handle expectations of what it’s like to study at KI. You need to be a good storyteller, be service minded, and enjoy teamwork.

We are looking for creative, social and self-driven students from a variety of backgrounds and from mixed nationalities. You don’t have to be a native English speaker – just good at communicating in English.

You get to join a wonderful group of people from across KI’s global programmes. We organise social and inspirational events together.

As a digital ambassador, you will be representing Karolinska Institutet. 

We expect you to:

  • Attend our digital ambassador training (approximately 9 hours, tentatively 5-6 October).
  • Attend our monthly lunch meetings plus personal/team meetings (1-2 h per month)
  • Answer questions from prospective students in comments, email, and sometimes video calls.
  • Show prospective students around campus (“Shadowing a student”)
  • Engage in team activities and initiatives.

Other small job opportunities could come up too, for example helping with webinars, presentations for external groups, photography sessions etc. These jobs are given out on a first-come first-served basis.

For the coming year we are looking to fill the roles described below.

Open positions

You will write 1-2 blog post per month with a focus on your life as a student at KI. You will also collaborate with the Instagram team in making micro blogs for the Instagram feed and doing take-overs in stories. You will answer questions in comments and in email. 

Requirements: You need to be interested in blogging, storytelling, writing, and taking photos. Experience from blogging yourself is a plus but not a must. Feeling comfortable in front of a video camera and in social media is also a plus.

For this role we accept 1st year students from the following programmes:

  • Bioentrepreneurship
  • Global Health
  • Translational Physiology and Pharmacology 
  • Biomedicine (master’s)
  • Biomedicine (bachelor’s)
  • Nutrition Science
  • Molecular Techniques in Life Science
  • Biostatistics and Data Science

👉 The Student Blog

The Instagram & YouTube teams work closely together. You will focus on your respective roles but will collaborate in planning for content and live broadcasts. The Instagram & YouTube team have 5-6 members.

We accept applications from 1st year students.


You will create a variety of content for our Instagram account, with a focus on video and reels. Content also includes feed posts in the form of video and photo posts, micro blogs etc. You will share the responsibility of managing the account with the rest of the team, including coordinating take-overs and content contributions to the feed by the bloggers, lives, Q&As and answering questions in DMs and in email.

Requirements: You have an Instagram or TikTok account where you enjoy creating content. You need to enjoy or be interested in doing videos and be comfortable featuring yourself in the content. You keep up with social media trends, is creative, organised, self-driven, and service minded. An interest in photography is a plus.

👉 @kistudents


You will produce videos for our YouTube channel with a focus on your life as a student at KI. Occasionally you may also contribute to the Instagram team and organise and participate in live broadcasts.

Requirements: You need to have experience in filming and editing videos with a video camera or smartphone. An interest in watching videos, short and long, on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok etc. It’s important that you are comfortable featuring yourself in the videos. You need to use your own equipment and editing tools. 

👉 KI Student Vlogs

You will be part of a team of two students posting content about life and studies at Karolinska Institutet on Weibo. You will be posting photos and videos, writing articles, taking part in Live broadcasts, and interact with followers. You will answer questions from prospective students in messages and in email. You will also guide newly admitted students in our WeChat group.

Requirements: You are good storyteller, creative and interested in social media in general. You are already active on Chinese social media. You should be comfortable posting personal content and to show in front of a video camera. 


  • Bloggers: 2,250 SEK per month before taxes (approximately 15 h/month)
  • Instagram & YouTube: 3,000 SEK per month before taxes (approximately 20 h/month)
  • Chinese social media: 2,250 SEK per month before taxes (approximately 15 h/month)

Occasionally there may be extra jobs that are paid out on top of your monthly salary.


We offer all new ambassadors an introduction where you for example will receive training in working with social media, writing, how to use relevant tools and whatever else you need to know.

How to apply

Apply in our recruitment system Varbi no later than 1 September 2024.

We do not accept any applications or documents per email.

Application requirements

  • Upload a CV of max. 2 pages (be sure to provide relevant links proving your experience such as blog, Instagram account, photo skills, video skills or similar if any.)
  • Write a motivational letter of max 2 500 characters incl. spaces in the assigned form (no upload option.)
  • Rank your roles of interest if you are applying for more than one role.

Include at least:

  • 1 reel
  • 3 sets of stories
  • 1 feed post in carousel format

It’s a plus if the content is made for this application, giving us an example of content you would do as a digital ambassador. 

Possible themes could be but are not limited to: A day in the life, POV packing for KI, Setting foot on campus for the first time

You need to be featured in at least some of the content. 

Share a link to your own account (need to be public) or you can create a new account if you don’t want to share from your private account. Please post links directly to the content if you are sharing your own account so that we can find the content you would like us to review.

If you are applying for the position as a vlogger, you also need to send a max. 2 min long video sample made by you and featuring you in the video. 

Please send the video to using the free online tool WeTransfer. Name the file with your first and last name.

In your Personal Letter please briefly describe at least three ideas for content to be posted on Weibo if you were to become a digital ambassador. 


We will interview a selection of applicants during September.

If you have any questions, please contact Ulrica Kristhammar, Communications Officer at the Education Support Office, at

We are out of the office for holidays 8 July-11 August and will not be able to answer questions during this time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What digital ambassadors enjoy about being on the team

Join our digital ambassadors on a boat trip and learn what they enjoy the most about being on the digital ambassador team.