Joseba - Bachelor's in Biomedicine

Joseba is an international student and digital ambassador at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Do you have questions about student life at KI? Send him an email or watch his videos on YouTube.

Programme: Bachelor's in Biomedicine

From: Spain

Contact me in: Spanish, English


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Hellooo! My name is Joseba Gallastegui and I’m a first year biomedicine BSc student. I’ve lived in Spain, Curaçao, Oman and Germany and most recently found a little spot for myself in Swedish society through Karolinska Institutet. I’m a very active guy and quick to jump at the chance to go skiing, surfing, diving or camping out in the nature.

If you’re snooping around on KI’s website, odds are you’re doing what I did this past June, as in trying to decide on a uni and programme that will make your next three years unforgettable, and spoil you with incredible academic and extracurricular opportunities. If you’re anything like me, that also means you’ve reached a point where decision paralysis is starting to feel like a chronic issue. Well, I’m here to help. Despite being nervous about starting an entirely new life by myself in a foreign country, my welcome into KI has been so warm and exciting that I haven’t once been left thinking about what could’ve been!

It’s quite impossible to know what your new life could be, when the only things that you can keep from your old everyday are the clothes you bring in your suitcase. However, hearing the story of somebody who did just that and made an amazing time of it can hopefully give you an idea of what it will be for you.

My path to choosing this programme looked a lot more like a plate of spaghetti than a straight line, so I understand if you want a current student to clear your doubts. Feel free to get in touch!