Pre-arrival guide

This is your guide as a newly admitted student to one of our global bachelor’s or master’s programmes. It helps you plan your journey to Sweden, and ensure a smooth start to your studies at Karolinska Institutet (KI). We are looking forward to helping you prepare and welcoming you to the KI community!

Key dates 2023

  • Admissions results published: 30 March (master's), 5 April (bachelor's)
  • Scholarship notification: 28 April (Karolinska Institutet) , 27 April (Swedish Institute)
  • Tuition fee deadline (if required): 22 May
  • Deadline to apply for KI Housing (if you are eligible): 18 June
  • Registration period: 14-30 August (master's), 2-16 August (bachelor's)
  • Arrival days: 19-20 August
  • Introduction week & welcome ceremony: 21-25 August
  • Study start with mandatory roll call: 28 August

Information from KI to your email

As a newly admitted student you will be receiving information, tips and reminders from KI to the email address you used when applying at

  • Newsletters with tips and reminders once a month. You will receive your first email shortly after the admissions results are published.
  • Invitation to join our Pre-departure webinars on 4 April (10 am, CET) and 18 April (3 pm, CET).
  • Programme welcome letter with information about your first weeks.

Before arrival

There is a number of things you need to think about before your move to Sweden. Our best advice is to start with your preparations today. Securing your accommodation and applying for residence permit (if required) should be at the top of your list of things to get started with.


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Join our Pre-arrival webinars and lives

As a newly admitted student you can participate in a number of webinars and lives to help you prepare for your arrival to Stockholm, Sweden.

Pre-arrival webinars and lives

After arrival

Apart from finding your way from the airport and learning to get around in the city, you can now look forward to exploring your new home and joining the introduction week. Start getting familiar with life in Sweden, and prepare for the Swedish bureaucracy of getting a Swedish personal number, and if needed, opening a Swedish bank account.


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Study start

Classes will be starting with a mandatory roll call on Monday 28 August. Before your roll call, you need to activate your student account and register for your first course.


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Connect on social media

As a new student, you may want to connect with your new university for some inspiration. Here is a list of useful accounts and pages that will enable you to do just that.

Connect on social media

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Apply to become a digital ambassador!

Do you want to share your student experience at Karolinska Institutet with prospective students? Apply to become a digital ambassador.

Apply between 15 and 27 August 2023